About Aspire

What is Aspire?

The mission of Aspire can be broken down into three main objectives: to cultivate community, to deepen the relationship with the Lord, and to serve. Aspire is a community of young adults who have recently completed high school and are preparing for the next step in their journey. It is a community that experiences the various lifestyle transitions encountered during this period and a group that seeks profound, transparent relationships in faith, through accountability, and with the aspiration of following Christ.



Aspire meets every Saturday from 7-9 pm at The Barn. Our time together includes Bible study, engaging discussions, and community-building activities. Additionally, we have a book study every Thursday at 6:30 pm in Ripple Cafe. For ladies, there's an extra meeting at 6 pm before Aspire, held in the bridal suite at The Barn.



Aspire is for high school graduates - age 30.


Text ASPIRE to 98456 to get more details!



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